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Our quality system will be awarded with ISO 9001:2008 in soon.All staff working in our company is accredited in different topics and certified from IACS member classification societies with various certifications. At the end of each project from the stage of final delivery reports to owners, those documents will be presented.

  • 2016pro

    Inspection of main journal offset, magnaflux

    Crankpin in-situ machning, No.2 Crankpin machined off 1.5mm, No.3 machined off 1 mm

  • 2018 PROJECTS

    Vessel Name: NORDAMELIA 

    IMO No: 9724958 

    Port of attendance: Santos / Brasil 

    Departure of teams: 23.04.2018 (from Istanbul to Santos/Brasil)


    Vessel Name: TYCOON 

    IMO No: 9215543 

    Port of attendance: GUANGZHOU 

    Job Description: ME MAN B&W 5S60MC -C No.3 crank pin repair 

    Our Reference No: 18M01-033